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Last updated: 23rd July 2023
By using this website, you agree to the following terms of service. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website.
By accessing this website, you are agreeing to be bound by these website Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this website are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.
All content on the website is owned by the website owner and may not be used without permission. Any user-generated content is owned by the user and may not be used without their permission.
International Gangsters reserves the right to terminate any user's account for repeated or severe violations of the terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to, any purchased points, rank progress, or any other wealth attached to the account. International Gangsters also reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason, without prior notice or explanation.
International Gangsters does not tolerate any form of harassment, hate speech, or offensive language. Any user found to be in violation of this may have their account muted, and multiple violations may result in further punitive action, up to and including account termination.
Users can report violations of the terms of service or other misconduct to [email protected]. International Gangsters will investigate reports and take appropriate action at its discretion.
Disputes between users are not handled by International Gangsters. If you have a dispute with another user, please contact them directly.
Advertising or promotions of third-party websites within the game are not allowed. Violations may result in punitive action, up to and including account termination.
International Gangsters does not offer refunds for any points, memberships (VIP, VIP+ or others) or virtual items, regardless of the reason for account termination.
Purchasing points is a way of obtaining virtual currency.
When making a purchase you agree that payments are final and cannot be refunded, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Purchasing points or other items is provided as a service to you. International Gangsters is not responsible for any issues that may arise from the purchase of points or other items.
International Gangsters uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe is a secure payment processor.
International Gangsters does not store any of your payment information.
If we suspect any fraudulent payments originating from any player, we hold the right to permanently ban that persons access to the website.
Trading of in game items is not allowed. If you are caught trading in game items, you will be banned from the game.
International Gangsters is not responsible for any downtime or maintenance of the game. We will do our best to keep the game up and running at all times, but we cannot guarantee that the game will be available at all times.
International Gangsters is a role-playing game. The game is not based on real-life events or people. Any similarities to real-life events or people are purely coincidental.
You are only allowed to have one account. If you are caught with more than one account, you will be banned from the game.
Any form of cheating is not allowed. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the game.
Any form of hacking is not allowed. If you are caught hacking, you will be banned from the game.
If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback related to the terms of service, privacy policy, or any other aspect of the website, please contact us at [email protected].
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Last updated: 23rd July 2023
Rules & Community Guidelines

These updated guidelines will hopefully serve as a streamlined way for us as a staff team to approach things as well as you knowing exactly where you stand.

Our discord channel can be accessed via: https://discord.gg/ubnV6SNmUj

This is our central external hub for game information.

Forum Rules
1. No spamming or advertising any other games.
2. No gore/pornography/not safe for work content.
3. No revealing or posting personal information on other players (this may include stickers). [*] [**]
4. No use of racial, anti-Semitic, homophobic or religious slurs [***] UNLESS: [****]
5. No speaking about people's families in extreme derogatory or invasive ways. [***]
6. No discussion on selling/trading/buying/transferring wealth on any game, players engaging with may have their accounts terminated.
7. No targeted and/or excessive inappropriate abuse of players or staff. [***]
8. Please use the official casino topic for advertising casinos.
9. Use the appropriate forum for what you are doing, designer for designs etc.

All mutes for infractions will now carry across to the game.
Mutes can and will increase if infractions are frequent.
Players can expect warnings for infractions but these are not guaranteed and may vary if the frequency of infractions are severe.

[*] - This is a ZERO tolerance rule. Breaking this may result in an immediate ban.
[**] - Exceptions made to this are where players have consented to their stickers being used by themselves in there or by others; due to the nature of social media/chat channels, this consent cannot be reasonably removed instantly.
[***] - Lighthearted friendly banter on this is still acceptable, but excessive abuse is not.
[****] - Targeted racism of any kind will NOT be accepted under any circumstances and you WILL be muted and modkilled.

Any violation of these may be met with any and all levels of in-game punishment and discretionary punishments can be levied against players in chats where IG staff are present and able to moderate.

Game Rules
These are the general game rules that apply around the game when you play and interact with features/players:

1. No duping/multiple accounts. [*]
2. No buying/selling/transferring wealth. [*] [***]
3. VPN/Proxy use is allowed providing it does not break other rules.
4. No bug/exploit abuse [*]
5. No abuse of promotional codes [*] [**]
6. No automating/abusing/misusing/manipulating/macroing or auto-clicking any kill/BG replacing. [*]
7. If it appears players are automating travel and use it to influence kill either via a target chasing you and/or to help improve a BG replace time you will be modkilled.
8. Account sharing is not permitted under any circumstance and any third-party software used to avoid detection will result in all involved being modkilled.
9. Be aware of and follow the other rules/terms in this topic.
10. Family accounts are not allowed unless you speak to staff first.~
11. Engaging in conversations of buying/selling wealth where there is intent for a sale to be made may result in the same punishment as if a sale had been completed.

[*] - This is a ZERO tolerance rule. Breaking this WILL result in an immediate modkill and/or ban.
[**] - Doing this MAY result in a confiscation of ALL of your account's wealth.
[***] - Players who actively report those attempting to buy/sell/transfer wealth WILL be rewarded.

Casino/Property Rule
These are the general rules and accepted 'practices' surrounding properties:

1. You are allowed to hold 1 Casino AND 1 Property.
2. Exceptions will be made in instances of crew wars/shooting.
3. When your property has been won/returned, you have 12 hours to increase your max bet back to the minimum before it will be dropped automatically.
4. If you cannot afford your casino or are holding it on the minimum max constantly you can sell it on the Quicktrade page.
5. Buybacks can be accepted on the 'My Properties' page.
6. Refusing buyback(s) is part of the game and not a staff enforced rule, refusing these may open you up to attack from other players.
7. Players who consistently flout property holding rules will have their properties dropped without warning if they continue to break them.

When you use casinos on the game you do so using virtual currencies which have a transferable value of £nil.

1. You are individually liable for the amounts won and lost.
2. You are individually liable for the amount of time you spend using these features.
3. Staff will not reimburse any amount that is won/lost by virtue of the regular mechanics of casinos.
4. The use of automation/macro programs on properties is absolutely prohibited and may result in wealth confiscation/account termination.

Reporting & Help Changes
Bugs/issues that require Interpol Staff attention now MUST use the following process:

1. Report the question/issue to the Helpdesk.
2. HDO(s) will answer or forward on to Interpol Staff to provide feedback on.
3. HDO(s) will report back to you if they can handle it, or an Interpol Staff member will reach out to you directly.
4. The telegram chat can be used by all players where community members can help answer questions on game knowledge and the HDO(s) can help answer them there too.
People ignoring these processes run the risk of and should expect that they may not have their question/issue resolved.

Contacting Staff directly on telegram will no longer be a valid process for you to guarantee an issue to be resolved and they may direct you to the Helpdesk.
This is to help streamline the amount of time we spend on resolving issues; if we have to read through hundreds of messages we often miss things.

Ideas & Suggestions:
You guys sure are a creative and innovative bunch and we love seeing your ideas, sometimes the chat makes it very hard for us to follow all of the good features you suggest so please follow the following process:

1. Ideas/Suggestions should be posted to the Innovation Forum
2. You should include as much information as possible to provide understanding to us on what you want to see the idea become
3. Don't feel scared that the idea may not be a popular one, sometimes those ideas can flourish into a larger part of an idea for future seasons so every little suggestion counts!
4. Encourage other players to take a look and discuss your idea, the more discussion the greater chance we have to formulate a good idea into a game feature!

Can't be bothered to post your idea? Why not ask an Innovator for help?

Contacting Staff directly on telegram will no longer be a valid process for you to guarantee an idea to be considered and they may direct you to the Innovation Forum.
This is to help streamline the amount of time we spend on resolving issues; if we have to read through hundreds of messages we often miss things.

Terms of Service
These rules run alongside and add to our official Terms of Service, the terms of service is the utlimate authority on legal matters

Read our terms of service here: https://www.internationalgangsters.com/terms.php

Any breaches of our terms of service may result in immediate removal from the game.

Ban on Sight List:
Carnage | Fraudulent Chargebacks
QTX | Racism
JN/Jack Nelson | Duping, Advertising, Doxxing
Jub/Draggy | Real World Threats
Tori | Racism
LBas | Mass Duping
Yai | Scamming the Game
Blinded | Fraudulent Chargebacks
Kitch | Falsifying evidence to try get another banned
Macs | Bot abuse major
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